"Softabacus system is easy to use… the end of the day all I have to do is to print out an audit trail. Softabacus has also installed security cameras in my shop. I can now monitor my business and staff from Hong Kong."
Chinese takeaway with Fish & Chips

"I have invested in a back office system. The freedom to manage both my businesses from home has made my life easier. I"ll be buying Softaba-cus Wireless systems for my other new restaurants."
COSMO 120+ seats Chinese buffet restaurant, EastbourneCOSMO 100+ seats Chinese buffet restaurant, Chatham

"I have a multi-user Softabacus system with 3 terminals for my busy takeaway. The system has improved our service to customers and also I can manage the trading records easily.
Chinese Takeaway and Fish and Chips in New Orient, Somerset

"We are currently using 2 terminalsand 4 printers from Softabacus. They provide a high level of after-sales service to support our business. The most important thing for me and my fellow directors is that we can control all our businesses from London."
Yuehin Restaurant, 100+ seats, Sushi Bar & Chinese restaurant ∓ Wing Wah Restaurant, Wing Yip Centre, Birmingham100+ Buffet and Chinese restaurant, Stevenage

"I bought a Softabacus system for two of my takeaways. They have proved to be very useful. Now, in the takeaway in Bristol, I"ll be using 3 terminals."
Chinese Takeaway and Fish and Chips in Bristol