Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can Softabacus EPOS system help my business?
A. Softabacus EPOS systems have a comprehensive range of software that will allow you to fully manage your restaurant, Takeaway and Delivery Service.

Q. We offer a delivery service to our customers. How can Softabacus system help?
A. We are an authorised post office address reseller. All you need is to ask BT to activate the Caller I.D. facility. Your Softabacus system will find the address for you by Post Code or Telephone Number search. You'll not suffer from wrong customer information again.

Q. How easy is it to learn and use the Softabacus system?
A. To best way to find out is for you to ask for your Free Demonstration. Call us now on 08712 883368.

Q. How safe is your system?
A. Softabacus systems have three levels of security, User, Manager and Owner. As the owner you can define the security level for all your staff.

Q. I don't like computers. Should I buy an EPOS system for my Takeaway with delivery?
A. Yes, because Softabacus systems are designed with people like you in mind. You don't need to know how to use computers to use Softabacus. We also provide a professional service backup for your system.

Q. How reliable is your system?
A. Our system is very reliable because we are using Linux operating system also used by the Chinese Government.

Q. Your company is in Bath, we are in Scotland, will you still help us if our system goes wrong?
A. Definitely. We already have customers in Scotland and the Isle of Wight. With your approval, we can dial into your system and remotely check and fix 100% of your software problems.

Q. I have many restaurants. How can Softabacus EPOS system help me to manage all my businesses?
A. We offer a Back Office System that will allow you to manage the trading figures of all your businesses.

Q. I am a Director of a large chain of Buffet Restaurants. Is it possible to monitor all my businesses Real Time as they are trading?
A. Yes, we offer special software that will give you the power to check all your businesses real time via the Internet. You'll have the flexibility to control your businesses anywhere in the world. Even using an internet enabled mobile phone.

Q. How can your Company help us to improve the security of our businesses?
A. We can install digital security CCTV cameras for you to monitor your businesses.